4MAT® Advanced Instructional Design 2-day live course + online coaching


Developed in 1979, 4MAT is one of the most widely-used brain-based learning and performance models. 4MAT® is a simple way to understand the differences in the way that people take in, make meaning of and take action on information. The 4MAT Learning Type Measure (LTM) has been experienced by millions of people to discover their preferred way of learning. 4MAT dramatically increases the measurable impact of training by beginning the instructional design process with clearly defined, measurable learning outcomes. It also provides a common language for improving performance at every level within a team.



Advanced Instructional Design certifies you as a 4MAT Designer. Learn how to confidently apply the 4MAT 8-step advanced instructional design model to accelerate design time while delivering high-impact, measureable learning results applied to your real-world training content.

Course Objectives:

  • Enable learners self-assessment
  • Incorporate visual tools to enhance retention
  • Develop lecture within the limits of human attention
  • Conceptualize content to create a cohesive design flow
  • Link activity choices to clearly defined learning outcomes
  • Accelerate design and deliver measurable learning results
  • Effectively use games, case studies, job aids and simulations
  • Filter through content to determine essential vs. non-essential
  • Developing hands-on practice which links to measurable outcomes
  • Design engaging interactive openings that establish personal relevance
  • Gain learner commitment with clear action plans and follow-up strategies
  • Engage all learning styles using the 4MAT 8-step instructional design model
  • Understand what current brain research tells us about sound instructional design
  • Balance emphasis on right-brain and left-brain processing and structure lecture to work with the brain
  • Work with subject-matter-experts to identify how to transfer high-performance behaviors
  • Refine designs using the 4MAT Scaling Criteria and assess instructional design on 6 key points

You will learn how to:

  • Choose your content for your original design
  • Explore over 30 Stretching strategies to reach all learners
  • Organize the content and concept for your individual design
  • Use the 4MAT Assessment tool to refine your instructional design
  • Use the 4MATion online instructional design tool (included with this course)
  • Learn what the learner and the trainer are doing in each of the design steps
  • Structure lecture using one of the 7 Organizing Frameworks to enhance retention
  • Apply underutilized brain-friendly training activities: stories, images and metaphors


In this two-day experience, you will create instructional designs using the 4MAT model. We’ll do it the old fashioned way — on paper. And, we’ll prepare you to design faster using our web-based training design software, 4MATion®. After the training you will leave with a deep understanding of what it takes to create transformative learning.

Day One Topics

  • Assess your training strengths in all four styles
  • Learn stretching strategies to reach all learners
  • Integrate right-brain strategies to increase retention
  • Identify what each learner needs in a learning experience
  • Apply the Four Questions You Must Answer in Every Design
  • Explore Painful and Successful Strategies for all Learner Styles
  • Analyze the thinking balance within groups—a visual exercise
  • Apply underutilized brain-friendly strategies: stories, images and metaphors

Day Two Topics

  • Analyze examples of real-world 4MAT designs
  • 6 Points to reflect on when assessing your design
  • What the learner and the trainer are doing in each of the 8-steps
  • Create designs using the 8-steps and choose your content for your original design
  • Use the Strategy Checker and assessment rubrics to assess and refine your design
  • Practice on identifying concepts—the overarching idea that organizes your design and delivery using movies, marketing and real-world content
  • Develop a mindmap and concept for your individual design and complete your individual design


If you are interested from this program and would like to participate contact us.

The price includes:

  • Two follow-up practice coaching sessions with certified 4MAT Master Trainer to plan for successful roll-out with the entire group.
  • Participants will have one year of access after the 2-day live course to create designs using 4MATion® online instructional design tool (included with this course).
  • Lunch and refreshments are included for both days

And during the training participants will receive:

  • Participant guide
  • 4MAT Training Design Kit
  • “Successful Meeting” planner
  • 4MAT Learning Type Measure® learning style assessment
  • Access to the 4MATion® online instructional design center
  • 4MAT Hemispheric Mode Indicator® learning style assessment
  • ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Press bestseller – “Hold On, You Lost Me, Use Learning Styles to Create Training that Sticks” by Bernice McCarthy and Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell

 Some testimonials:

When: 28-29 March, 2014
Where: Suite Hotel Sofia
Price: 1440 leva (incl. VAT)
Registration Deadline: Early autumn, 2014

Olimpia Mesa, Managing Partner at Instructional Design is the trainer of 4MAT Instructional Design Course in Bulgaria.

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